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The age of these marbles can be dated to a period between the end of the Neo-Proterozoic and the Cambrian, or between 580 and 485 million years ago. Vietnamese marbles are absolutely the oldest being quarried worldwide. Pure white marbles considering that prior to the Cambrian there were no calcareous sediments in the seas because there were not yet enough crustaceans in existence. 


We are working with quarries in areas with the largest reserve of high-quality white marble in Vietnam. The extraction is concentrated in Yen Bai where interesting and extensive deposits of white marble had been found.

Our on site team will take care of quality control service in high standards including:  blocks selection, pre-production meetings, inspections, on-time deliveries and logistic assistance in case needed.

We are a one stop shop; we quarry, process, and trade these precious stones assuring you quality every step of the way.


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The extraction is concentrated on Luc Yen ,  a rural district in northern Vietnam covering an area of some 800 square kilometers, located about 170 km northwest of Hanoi. Until 2000 its capital, Yen The, was famous solely for its Sunday market for precious stones.


The quarry's geographical formations date back in time. The material occasionally has an extreme white color, such the Sivec from Macedonia or Thassos from Greece. The white marble is frequently crystalline, and the size of the crystals can vary, sometimes being enormous and translucent.


The quarries are all equipped with modern technologies: diamond-wire cutters , down-the-hole hammers, Italian cutting and drilling equipment and chain cutters for horizontal bench cuts. The heavy equipment (excavators, mechanical shovels and forklifts) is from various makers and in quarries you can see the Caterpillar, Kawasaki and Komat’su brands.



Factories are located in favorable locations which allows to take blocks from the quarries both by roadway and waterway.

Italian equipments ( gangsaws, polishing machines, resin-coating lines) are by far the most utilized by local companies. Where product quality is concerned, we have reached a qualitative level in our production totally akin to that of the major stone companies worldwide. White marbles like Snow White, Fine Grain, Flawless White, Cat’s Eye and Opal White are well known internationally and sold at very affordable prices. Besides marble blocks, slabs and tiles, we produce mosaics and cut-to-size stone works with a full control over the production process, from the extraction of raw materials to the finished product. Our experienced team and cutting-edge technology guarantee the highest quality standard.

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